According to the “National Constitution” in 1992, the Regulation No. 978 established on 27 June 1996 and its respective provisions constitute the legal document for foreign immigrants and outward migration and repatriation for citizens of Paraguay.

The competent authority applicable to the Regulation No. 978 is DGM under the Ministry of Interior.

Based on the result of entering or staying in Paraguay, the above Regulation recognizes categories of "Residence" and "Non-Residence."

Also, "Residence" may be divided into "Permanent Residence" and "Temporary Residence." Foreigners who enter the country without the intention to settle down are deemed as "Non-Residence."

According to the formulation and restriction under the domestic regulations, the “Permanent Residence” has the same recognized rights and the same obligations as the citizens of Paraguay.

Please provide the following documentation for the application of temporary residence or permanent residence:
  • Passport or traveling documents that can support the identity of the holder
  • The criminal or judiciary records issued by the authority from the place of residence. Children under the age of 14 are exempted from this requirement
  • The physical and psychological status medical certificate issued by the health authority, subject to the certification from the consulate of Paraguay
  • Birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable), subject to certification
  • The diploma that supports the professional degree, or documents that support the approval of entering Paraguay for engaging the authorized activities or work
  • Financial statement or other financial evidence
  • The living and residence permit issued by the competent police or judiciary authorities in Paraguay
  • The Paraguay Entry Permit issued by the DGM at the custom control
  • 3X3 cm color photo
  • Consular visa, applicable to citizens from the countries who are required to comply with the above requirements
  • Paraguay state criminal records

Note: (Steps and procedures in Paraguay)
  • All the documents shall have copies for notarization by a notary in Paraguay
  • Documents in other languages shall be translated into Spanish, including the passport (in Paraguay)
  • The documents from the country of origin or the state of residence shall be verified by the competent consulate of Paraguay and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • A financial statement is not required for temporary residence, but the letter of salary payment and labor offer, and the RUC for the company or the individual are required.

Charges: Established according to the Executive Decree No. 7402 on 26 April 2006

ItemParaguay GuaraniUSD
Temporary detention365.94073,81
Temporary alteration203.30040,56
Alteration on residential category406.60081,13
Residence certificate81.32016,23
Cargo return certificate81.32016,23
Custom certificate81.32016,23

Effective minimum legal wages: Gs。
Daily wages 2,041,123: Gs. 68,037 
Daily Jornal: Gs。78.505 
Sources: DGM

Applicable charging standards
According to the Immigration Act 978/96 that came into effect on 10 July 2017
Document No. 7351/17, and Verdict No. 312/17
Temporary detentionSalaries for 10 days680.370
Temporary alterationSalaries for 9 days612.333
Alteration on residential categorySalaries for 10 days680.370
Occupation alterationSalaries for 5 days340.185
Tourism residence extensionSalaries for 5 days340.185
Residence certificateSalaries for 2 days136.074
Reissue - permanent residenceSalaries for 2 days136.074
Reissue - temporary residenceSalaries for 2 days136.074
Reissue - temporary residenceSalaries for 9 days612.333
Temporary residence and extensionSalaries for 9 days612.333
Permanent departureSalaries for 2 days136.074
Fine (Rule No. 32) Regulatory Decree No. 1726/09:
a) Residence term has expired
b) Unable to present the entry document
Salaries for 3 days235.515
Others – (Rule 151 and 152) Decree No. 978/96Salaries for 2 days136.074
Member of the public performance/per personSalaries for 2 days136.074

Effective minimum legal wages: Gs。
Daily wages 2,041,123: Gs。68,037
Daily Jornal: Gs。78.505 
Sources: DGM