44 Commercial Invoice 15
46 Bill of Landing 15
50 Certificate of Origen 25
52 Packing List/ Price List 12
53 Proof of Foreign Commercial Societies 165
54 Transference of marks y patents 135
56 Authorizations for/ extension / renovation of marks y patents 135
58 Formulas of chemical products 95
65 Certificate of birth/marriage/death/family reg. 30
68 Police Record 35
72 Certificate of secondary school studies or diplomas 25
73 Certificate de university studies or diplomas 35
73 Nota 11 Certificate of primary school studies or diplomas FREE
66 Issuance of consular passport 55
67c Issuance of Visa USA/Russia/Canada 160/160/75(U)150(M)
67c Issuance of Visa Australia/New Zealand 135/140
67b Issuance of Visa (single entry) 65
67c Issuance of Visa (multiple entry) 100
71 Issuance de Provisional Pasaporte (Salvoconducto) 30
71 Legalization of Travel Permit for Minors 55
80 General POA 115
81 Special POA 95

Various Observations:

  1. The present list has been modified in accordance with the provisions of the new Law No. 4033/10 of the Consular Tariff of the Republic of Paraguay, effective as of September 1, 2010, revoking the Law 1844/2001.
  2. This list includes the consular actions requested most frequently in this Consular Section.
  3. The amounts expressed in the list include the consular fee corresponding to Paragraph 78 (Article 11 of Law 4033/10), applied as "Administrative Expenses".
  4. It is recalled that the amounts expressed serve as a reference, considering that they will be reconfirmed "at sight", at the moment of the presentation of the documents to be consularized in this Paraguayan Representation.

Application of the tariff:

The Consular Section receives the rights consigned in the Consular Tariff, noting all the documents:

  • Number of Actuación
  • The reference of the paragraph or article of the Tariff that corresponds to the received rights.
  • The total amount expressed in U $ D. (American dollars) that might have been paid.
  • Signature and stamps of the person in charge of the Consular Section.

Administrative expenses:

In accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 78 of Law 4033/10, the legalization of documents is subject to the payment of US $ 15 for administrative fees (Except for this payment, the documents that apply Paragraphs 44 to 52 ).

Payment of rights:

Consular tariffs are collected according to the regulations of the law, attaching the consular stamps valued in US dollars to the documents and rendering them unusable immediately.

All amounts of consular fees are paid by deposit, of the total amount expressed in US $ (dollars), in the account enabled in CTBC BANK Bank, North Tianmu Branch, on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay in the Republic of China (Taiwan).


The Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Paraguay in the Republic of China (Taiwan) is competent to deal exclusively and exclusively with affairs that correspond to the Taiwanese territory.